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Managed by AENA, the world’s biggest airport operator with over 200 million passengers per year, Barcelona’s El Prat Airport is Spain’s second most important, after Madrid-Barajas. During 2012 it recorded traffic of a little over 35,145,000 passengers, 290,000 operations and 96,500 tonnes of cargo. After a far-reaching process to improve its facilities, comprising the construction of a new terminal and the reorganization of its existing systems, the proposal for Barcelona Airport was to structure a single control platform capable of integrating processes of very variable types (from facility systems – air conditioning, lighting, lifts – to power plants, security systems, beaconing, etc.) in a natural way. Together with this, the aim was to standardize the infrastructure control dynamics to make the process of connecting new facilities and services natural, both for this airport and for other AENA terminals.

Using Wonderware technology, Barcelona’s airport now has a new management environment in which all its processes are integrated in a single platform independent of the hardware or software with which they work. With the complete reliability of the processes guaranteed and full visibility of operations in real time, the new control architecture has also helped to reduce operating costs and improve processes and user services, as well as encouraging collaborative work between departments. Now, thanks to Wonderware’s modeling capabilities, AENA has managed to create airport models that allow it to standardize engineering work and naturally integrate new processes into the control environment.


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General view

Unique project in the world

The scale of Barcelona El Prat Airport’s evolution and of its technological infrastructure make it a unique project in the world. Made up of five independent projects, the control architecture involves the management of 700,000 signals (data at June 2010) via 80 servers forming five control galaxies.

  • Terminal 1 (T1) containing the whole terminal building management system (lighting, air conditioning, passenger transport systems, fire monitoring, power production and distribution, waste, etc.) and heating and cooling power plant.
  • Terminal 2 (T2) which also groups the attendant service buildings.
  • Automatic Baggage Transport System (SATE).
  • Power system, with the various electrical power plants for the Barcelona Airport area.
  • Beacon Presentation Command System (SMPB), controlling the behavior of the runway lights.

Terminal 1

With regards to Terminal 1, Wonderware technology controls practically all the processes running there, so making it a benchmark building automation project:

  • Climate control. 33 air conditioning technical rooms, 1,000 fancoils and 650 fans, among other items of equipment. The system handles aspects from generation of heat and cold to their distribution, by controlling all the elements involved (cooling towers, air conditioning rooms, valves, fancoils, room commands, etc.).
  • Mechanical transport. 250 elements, including escalators, ramps, lifts, moving walkways, etc.
  • Plumbing. 247 elements corresponding to wells and solid and liquid waste pumps, tanks, pump sets and motorized valves.
  • Lighting. 10,000 items (regulators, detectors, lines, etc.) and facility lighting power.
  • Pneumatic waste system. Waste handling room and distributed boxes.
  • Low voltage. 26 transformer substations, covering 300 general panels.
  • Fire detection. With 30,000 items controlled (detectors, fire dampers, etc.).

Other references

Spanish airports

Wonderware Solutions are installed in 42 Spanish Airports. Find herewith some examples:

  • Integrated Control of air conditioning System, lighting, luggage transport, fire control, etc., of Girona, Valencia, Málaga, Alicante, Balearic and Canary Islands airports.
  • Traffic guidance equipment implementation in Girona, Vigo, Canary Island and Santander airport.
  • Control and monitoring of electrical power plants in Málaga, Barcelona, Alicante, Madrid, Canary Islands, etc.


  • Montreal Airport: Wonderware solutions for HVAC system, Light Controls, Escalator Controls, Fuelling (Cafas), Trafic Control (NAV Canada), Ground Control for Airplane, Luggage control.
  • Quebec and Halifax Airport: Luggage Control.


  • Airservices design and implement a multi-million dollar project to replace the airservices Australia National Technical Monitoring System (NTMS).